Environmental Policy

Linear Healthcare Group aims to address environmental issues and comply with all environmental legislation and regulations that relate to the environmental aspects of our business. Linear Healthcare Group employs socially acceptable and cost effective strategies to mitigate threats to the environment and provide protection to customers, the public, and the company’s employees. Linear Healthcare Group procures and utilises products and services in such a way as to minimise environmental impacts in their distribution, use and disposal. Linear Healthcare Group is committed to:
  • Adopting, meeting and exceeding all environmental standards, and relevant legislative requirements in all areas of its’ operations.
  • Purchasing products that are environmentally friendly from suppliers who respect the environment.
  • Continually improving the sustainability of the Linear Healthcare Group product portfolio.
  • Making the workplace healthier, safer, and more environmentally friendly.
  • Encouraging reduction, reuse and recycling in all our activities, and fostering a culture of sustainable environmental management.
  • Reducing our energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, paper consumption (when there is not another option than to use paper), waste and water usage.
  • Purchasing sustainable products wherever feasible ie. Recycled or low environmental impact products and energy from renewable sources.
  • Participating with governments, customers, the public and other interest groups to advance environmental protection as part of Ramsay Healthcare Group.
  • Reporting regularly to our directors, shareholders, employees and the public on our environmental status and performance.
  • Striving to improve resource consumption efficiency and minimise waste generation in our operations and through the life cycle of products.